Indoor Dimmable Hydroponic Led Grow Light Full Spectrum For Marijuana Plant Growth

Model No. LT-ST85W
Size 112.6cm ×55.7cm ×12.1cm
Efficacy 1.8-2.5 µmol/J
PPF 213 µmol/s
Voltage AC 100-277V
Dimming 0-10V Dimming , 1-10V , PWM Dimming , APP control.
IP rating  IP55(Console Only)
Beam Angles 120°
Warranty  3 years or 5 Year Extended Warranty
Working Temp  -20 ~ +45°C
Life  >50000H
Certification ETL,cETL,CE

Product Description : 
High PPFD value samsung led chips . Full spectrum high quality led source . Diecasting aluminum heat-sink . Constant current LED driver . IP55 waterproof , 3 years warranty Whether at dusk or at night, it effectively extends and scientifically controls the light needed for plants. In greenhouses or plant laboratories, growing light can completely replace natural light and promote plant growth.

Spectrum : 

Fully customizable spectrum allows the user to not only adjust the spectrum to match vegetative and flowering stages of their plants ,but also allows for specific spectrum control for nearly any type of plant genus in applications such as greenhouse growing and in agriculture operations where crop rotation is common.

Applications :

For lighting plant cultivation places, can replace the sunlight to the indoor flowers, greenhouse vegetables, garden nurseries fill light to encourage, regulate flowering, survival, safety, environmental protection without pollution and harmful substances.

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